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13. Farewell my Hero
A dying candle rests in my deserted room,
Aroma filled with regrets and sentimental mistakes.
They regress into the past as the light blackens.
I am woman.
Sorrow will be my memory underlying my territory-
As a songbird sings to a loving man
An encrypted message reverberates, and
crack! fissures form, he doesn't hear.
I am
full of sin.
Unravelled and raw,
I bartered for my soul.
I release you to be loved.
My king has a plan, strong jawed
man stands valiant and clean.
I wave to him a hero's goodbye.
A kind youth he is to return a prince,
Adopted, most favoured son. My sun. My warmth.
My fire burns out.
:iconjanebee:JaneBee 0 2
To have known what is good.
I met a boy.
In my dreams you abode with me, changed my heart.
Awoken, I catch aflame! The sounds of the
cold Silent Night collects my breath.
I know you for a snapshot of my life.
My precious ration of you is almost gone.
Your unseen badge of honour perfectly engraved on me.
I grieve and confess.
Head bowed, my body is lent to me only a short while.
I force myself to delve deep to expel the weeds
and twisting vines that smother me.
I gasp and am only able smell caustic poison.
The jury will find me Not Guilty,
I have offered no bribe,
and will never dare again to share your unpolluted heart.
As I gazed into your cultivated garden, your
sunshine and quiet boldness, still- I
long to hear your fragrant melodies.  
Daylight on my mundane, your warm
countenance makes this woman feel deep
anguish as this is not our beginning.
Our morning will never dawn.
The unrisen sun leaves
my seed unsown that were spread in vain,
the scraps of my heart that still remain.
:iconjanebee:JaneBee 1 3
The Way I was Made
The Way I was Made
Seen through a dirty window-
Soapsuds glistening. Startled eyes stare,
tensed skin, sipping with a chipped china cup.
Tiptoeing, a single candle lights the way,
halo-ed circlet just out of reach
Searching for uncut gem in the rough
Curtains drawn, you stare horrified at what I am-
Beauty and the Beast.
Hating my DNA, Hating the way I ended up
On the back of an owl you fly,
becoming silhouetted,
a dream gone by,
A blink of an eye,
forgotten flash in endless list of moments
never to be remembered
Think of me,
a nightmare no longer real to you,
Dream chick gets with dream bloke.
Blinded by the sun, a girl awakes.
:iconjanebee:JaneBee 1 2
Old Friends New Lovers
I wash my hands in rising tide and --crash,
the waves that chime will break anew to start
a fresh exciting chapter, so we are
stranded alone for this whole bright era.
We're cut off, no return, blank calendar.
I've no intention of leaving,
mainland disappearing,
no rescue required.
:iconjanebee:JaneBee 4 10
Yet Another DevID by JaneBee Yet Another DevID :iconjanebee:JaneBee 10 12
Midnight Rush
Dew settled down,
laying down at dawn-
Doth not the Sun rise smiling?
The music ended to rapturous applause,
and we stopped dancing.
"O Cinderella, it's time to go home!"
The clock has struck twelve
and the paint is beginning to dry.
Pavarotti has just lost his voice so
we must flee our separate ways.
Wholesome meal after a hard day's work,
a penny to a vagrant,
gazing at a
shining dot in the dark, leading a
Shepherdess the Father pitied.
O but what pain does free will bring!
Enchantments always end,
stars hide in the blackout,
clocks continue to tick,
so I must come home.
But baby it's cold outside,
and I've got to go away.
But now it's time to
wake from this
:iconjanebee:JaneBee 4 3
devID by JaneBee devID :iconjanebee:JaneBee 26 15
He was sat shivering on the ledge of a mountain, hoping that the sun would rise. His nails dug into the hospital bed, wishing that her eyes would flutter open.
:iconjanebee:JaneBee 2 0
He's yearning to reach his
ballerina trapped inside a locked musical box,
mouth zipped shut, struggling to keep
her lonely weak beat
Much like the beat of the wings of a
moth chained to a kite, blinded by the waking dawn,
following the dreams of the keeper of the keys,
not understand that you have to love before you can
become relentless.
Mourning the loss of a forgotten rag doll, rain-sodden in the park,
she wishes she was as beautiful and ignorant as a
canary trapped inside a birdcage, a view of a grey London scene, singing a song because that is
all he knew.
:iconjanebee:JaneBee 6 6
Broken Bell
Rusted railings are painted over and
eroded rocks stand guard, in a
futile resistance to oppose the timely lashings of surf.
Coward-dressed mannequin, ever present,
keeps the gates to our castle.
Gargoyle-encased CCTV coloured a sultry blue.
The fort's façade turned many eyes, I saw
a snapshot from a borrowed camera.
Taken from afar, the edges are smoothed over.
A hawk encircles the courtyard, shrieking our song,
echoing a thousand unsaid words.
It wears a dentists' mask.
Our grimacing gardener wears a silver-sequinned glove.
He smoothes plaster over the crack filled walls
and tends to the ivy snaking from over the parapet of Juliet's balcony.
In the grounds, a child's kite lies tangled in a decaying tree
overhanging a dried out pond, as dormant as the broken bell,
witnessing this, a perfect crime.
:iconjanebee:JaneBee 19 3
Last Girl Standing
I'm these pale and weak bones that you couldn't break.
See me now, you worked and waited for this,
there is nothing left that you could want for
when all you feel is skeletal nothing.
What's left of what was torn away from me?
Naked canvas, an empty photo frame
with a photo of a smiling beauty, sad
that she has nothing to be happy for.
I'm those ashen bones that you could not break.
Everything you fought with stepped down, spent,
foundations that were made of stone left intact were
safe from prejudice that tried to pull down
vitality and strength that could withstand.
Even when every iota of strength that
pelted and flayed my flesh that burnt to dust
is used up, then these bones will still be whole.
I am these fragile bones that didn't break
when stinging words snapped across my face
and reluctantly I fell to my knees,
face to unforgiving sky with clenched jaw.
These shoulders can withstand your pain. Strength drawn
from liquid hope that's found in the central well
of strangers' belief
:iconjanebee:JaneBee 20 17
gone, hopeless,
worrying, aching, harrowing,
My husband's coming home-
waiting, longing, consoling,
relief, cherished,
apart, sentenced,
yearning, languishing, missing,
I left my heart-
waiting, counting, holding,
deliverance, one,
Endless fighting
in this endless war.
I must protect my country,
my people,
my family.
And you must protect yours.
This battlefield may be split in half,
but our fears and sorrows are one in the same.
Were this not a war,
would you have been my ally?
My friend?
In times of peace,
the thought of killing you
would have been unthinkable.
And yet I stand here,
my gun raised,
aim trained at your heart.
The same heart that beats within my own chest.
Blood is blood,
and patriotism is heroic.
Blood is thicker than water,
and patriotism is a sin.
We are both human,
and yet we consider each other to be monsters.
I must protect my country.
You must die.
Come my children.
Run and hide.
This war is no place for you.
:iconjanebee:JaneBee 3 3
Name: Jane
Age: 17
Gender: Gal
Future scientist by trade, writer when I get a spare minute! I started writing as a release when I was about 15, stopped for a long time, and randomly started up again. I still write because writing comes to me, random phrases, ideas or metaphors, beginnings of a story come to me and I have to write them down before the plot bunnies run away.
Single/Dating/Married?: Dating
When did you first come to DeviantART?: According to my home page, 9 months ago.
Do you think submitting your work to DeviantART has helped improve your writing?: mostly, though I don't get many concrit comments. Prompts and competitions have helped me to think of different ways of writing about topics and approaching things from different directions.
Where do you find your best inspiration?: truly? life, without wanting to sound too cliché! Just walking down the road or seeing someone walk their dog sparks new things I could write about.
If you were a flower what kind of flower wo
:iconjanebee:JaneBee 2 0
It's too late to fall back asleep when
Eden's turned to weeds
and ivy's strangled the trees.
I remember when we courted and I thought you
were like one of the first flutes, roughly hewn, and I became
afraid of forgetting the sound of the song we
Something has evaded us and now I
no longer belong here with you.
I thought this time it was my turn,
so freely stepped out of the blue and into the grey
of stormy cars and stifling London air of May.
A bright leaf suspended on water,
is due to go under.
My past life impossible to tune out
like background noise it is reflected in windows,
raindrops and metallic doors. Spices of home no longer around,
and sounds of the bustling street sellers I now miss waking me
up outside my window that always used to
set up opposite the rug trader.
And the coloured saris that belonged to my mama
I can't wear when my heart is in a cold place
such as it is when I am around you and so far
from home.
:iconjanebee:JaneBee 29 23
Somewhere There's a Someone
In That Somewhere, There Will be a Someone
She'll be sitting on a simple chair, in a regular restaurant, in a normal town, writing. A stressed and grieving businessman gripping his briefcase with an itch just above his right ear will enter. She will glance up at the sound of the chinking sounds of the bell above the door, distracted and unable to put any thought into words. Their eyes will lock and she will quickly glance down.
He'll be discovered sitting on a train full of commuters, watching life pass him by outside the window, the past flashing behind. This wondering will stop when a woman with evidence of tears that have stained her face bustles on and asks if she can sit opposite him. Her fight will be lost as he smiles at her and says, "Of course."
A middle-aged balding man will be perched on a wooden bar stool, glancing nervously at the slip of card clutched in the woman's hand opposite him. He has two minutes to change her mind about her first impression. This is a w
:iconjanebee:JaneBee 2 2
devID by JaneBee devID :iconjanebee:JaneBee 4 4


Salutation to Spring by imagesse Salutation to Spring :iconimagesse:imagesse 50 9 banished to the tower by imagesse
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banished to the tower :iconimagesse:imagesse 30 20
Caspar by JonathanBridge Caspar :iconjonathanbridge:JonathanBridge 9 14
Mature content
Untitled :iconr-flagg:R-Flagg 2 0
I can't write without your emerald eyes staring at me in a photograph…
Even though, I know, it's my fault. I was the one that ripped it apart.
I can't write without the taste of your luscious lips still imprinted in my mind.
Even though, I know, it's my fault. I was the one that pushed them away.
It's really cold in here, nowadays.
My bedroom never seems to warm up when you're not in it.
And the sun never seems to shine nearly as bright.
It's really lonely in here, nowadays.
The days just seem to drag by.
I miss you, you know…
You were always the light that drove my darkness away.
You made me write. Made me sing.
You made me happy…
I can't write without your emerald eyes staring at me in a photograph,
or without the taste of your luscious lips still imprinted in my mind.
Even though,
I know,
it's my fault…
I was the one that didn't love you when I had the chance.
I swear I could see the whole world through your eyes,
and it was beautiful.
I miss that&
:icondevilloc:Devilloc 3 11
Conveyor Belt With Emote by Jibodeah Conveyor Belt With Emote :iconjibodeah:Jibodeah 18 29
Innovation for Writers
There have always been a lot of writers on deviantART begging for more recognition. It's understandable that literature is given a lower priority: as I'm writing this, there are 3,280 "Writers" online, which compared to the 10,671 "Artists" is a relatively small community. So all of us writers whine about how we never get "the attention that we deserve." There are plenty of stamps declaring, "Writers are artists too!" and all that sort of thing. But we never really get anywhere.
Well let's get serious, people.
deviantART easily has the most impressive coding I've ever seen. And the latest updates of the message centre, notes and v7 were stunning. So much is possible; it's time to give writers the edge.
When deviantART's Portfolio feature was released, it stated:
"Some people ask if Portfolio supports Literature, Film or Flash Animations. Unfortunately these formats are not yet supported, but we are working hard to make sure to support these media in the future with presentation formats
:iconjonathoncomfortreed:jonathoncomfortreed 1,149 1,000
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Pictures and Writing Of The Day - 17th April 201
- My Dearest, It Wouldn't Hurt You To Spend One Whole Minute To Appreciate These Hard Works... Right? Wouldn't You Want The Same Thing As Well, For Someone To Appreciate Your Works? -
:w00t: :spotlight-left: Welcome to the STAGES people! :spotlight-right: :w00t:
DATE : Saturday, 17thth April 2010.
DETAILS : It's time for some features of the day!!! But instead of saying feature, let me just said, Pictures & Writing of the Day!
:new: OBJECTIVE :I only want to make this articles everyday because of the term ATTENTION and MENTION to some photography and literature that deserved more than just submitting. Favorites and comments are lovely too, but let me just say quickly, people want to know more than just that, they want your feedback. So simply, by either entering this into a group and then featuring them in our journal and articles, it will make them have more audiences. As they deserved it for their hard work... And they've put their deepest feelings and emotion to make these h
:iconxinsomniakydx:xinsomniakydx 18 31



United Kingdom
You can probably tell a lot about me from what I write about; I love dancing, music, love, science, watching Heroes, exploring, challenges, and I can swim rather well...

Well, what can I say? Write about what you know :P Hopefully my other muse will be around a long while.

*"There exist only three beings worthy of respect: the priest, the soldier, the poet. To know, to kill, to create."

-Charles Baudelaire (1821 - 1867), Mon Coeur Mis a Nu, XXII*

Current Residence: Devon
Favourite genre of music: Irish punk rock, classical, and regular rock too.
Favourite style of art: Traditional or written, or song if that counts.
Operating System: Mac OS X Snow Leopard :D
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Skin of choice: ...human skin?
Favourite cartoon character: Bugs Bunny

Journal History

I'm not sure if I'm just talking to myself, I can't imagine anybody remembers my writing any more. So this week I got a notification from saying someone had favourited something I wrote a long time ago. I logged on just now and I'm absolutely staggered that stuff I wrote SIX YEARS AGO is still being read once a week. That is mental. I may even go over it and revise it. Man I feel old saying that. Can't believe I started writing at 13/14. It makes me think, should I post some of it on here? I'm not sure if Harry Potter spinoffs belong on deviantart.

This is obvs severe procrastination from my essay on sensory regeneration in deafness which I should seriously be writing right now.
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